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Upcoming Retreat

Flier: Echoes of the Andean Heart: Retreat to the Sacred Valley July 4-14, 2024


Join me for a life-changing journey of communion, heart-opening, and celebration as we connect with the ancestral medicine of Huachuma (San Pedro) in its sacred homeland – Peru’s magical Sacred Valley.

10 Transformational Days, 2 Mystical Huachuma Ceremonies, 6-month container

July 4th-14th, 2024

On this soul-stirring journey, we will tap into the ancient wisdom of Huachuma (San Pedro), embarking on a deep inner quest of growth, self-realization and spiritual awakening in the timeless Sacred Valley of the Incas. Building on the successes of last year’s inaugural pilgrimage, which sparked profound healing and life-changing insights for all who took part, we now excitedly prepare this special container to hold another group of courageous voyagers ready to plunge into the alchemical fires of deep soul transformation.

Nestled amidst the gentle majesty of the Andes, you will peel back profound layers of old patterns, reclaim lost parts of yourself, and reconnect with your authentic gifts to bring back into the world. This is a journey of a lifetime – through expertly-facilitated Huachuma ceremonies guided by a gifted Maestro Huachumero, you’ll discover who you truly are beneath the surface-level masks so many wear today.

This sacred medicine path calls to those feeling the nudge towards radical self-inquiry and a desire to heal at the deepest levels of body, mind and soul. It requires earnest self-work, trust, and the willingness to courageously surrender to a process of total metamorphosis.

If this is the inner prompting your heart has been waiting for, join us on this once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage of initiation, wholeness and joyful celebration under the starlit Skies of Antiquity.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring 2022 Sound Practitioner Training (32-Hour Certification): March 5-6 & 12-13 at Authentic Yoga in Scottsdale. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION
  • Sound Journey at Radi8 Hot YogaSunday April 3, 2-3:30 pm. Register with MindBody App.

I believe

in the innate wisdom of Nature, our bodies, and our consciousness. On the path of life, the more we learn to feel into the magic of the Universe, the richer our lives become.


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I offer training for aspiring Sound Practitioners, individualized health counseling, and all manner of education on consciousness and the body.


Sound Meditation is a subset of nada yoga (sound yoga) in which various types of sounds are directed towards the body to move energy, calm the mind, and facilitate healing. Sound meditation encompasses a number of differing practices and every guide will employ different techniques, though most will utilize instruments producing audible harmonic overtones.


In meditation, we learn to move from that fully alert and productive mindset into a mindset of being present without doing anything. From there, we are able to finally observe the mind’s movements without acting upon them, and we become aware of aspects of ourselves that were drowned out by the noise of our busy life.

Wellness Consulting

I trained under Morley Robbins and offer individual consultation and counseling in all aspects of the individual health journey. My expertise in the Root Cause Protocol (RCP), diet, mental and emotional healing, yoga, meditation, sound, and plant medicines, allows me to see connections that many practitioners miss.

We are in this together

Separation is an illusion. The entire cosmos is reflected within us, and we are reflected in the cosmos.


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