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Sound Meditation

Most of us spend our lives going through a few states of awareness. First, we engage in the fully awake and alert productive mindset, where we are task oriented. We seek to get things done and accomplished, check off items from our to-do lists, and get the most out of our day. Second, when we are totally burned out from that, we enter into the drowsy non-productive mindset. Modern society has programmed us to believe that only the first mindset is beneficial. We are told to cure the second by having a coffee, energy drink, sugar, or simply ignoring our bodies and charging right through that feeling. We seldom slow down enough to realize there are a range of mindsets in between fully awake and asleep–these are the states explored in meditation.

Aerial Hammocks + Sound = Current Meditation

In meditation, we learn to move from that fully alert and productive mindset into a mindset of being present without doing anything. From there, we are able to finally observe the mind’s movements without acting upon them, and we become aware of aspects of ourselves that were drowned out by the noise of our busy life. In meditation, subtle feelings that we pushed aside become noticeable, thoughts that we sought to avoid come up, and we generally start to see just how much we have going on inside independent of our outside circumstances. In this way, we learn about ourselves. Meditation is often not easy for beginners because so much comes up so fast that it becomes uncomfortable to just be–the common result is a feeling of boredom, or that it’s a waste of time because nothing is getting done.

Nevertheless, study after study, prove that slowing down and becoming present enables us to get more done in our lives and makes us happier. In fact, if we are bored in meditation, we learn to simply observe the boredom without acting upon it. After adopting a regular meditation practice, most people report that their lives flow more easily, they no longer get bored, they are happier, and they are no longer bothered by things that used to trigger them. In other words, life becomes better.

Sound Meditation at Current Meditation

At Current Meditation, guides combine guided meditation techniques with sound meditation for a progressive experience that walks people from the doing mentality all the way to the deep levels of meditation usually only experienced by long-time meditators. I am fortunate to teach a number of classes there each week and have seen the benefits in my students first-hand (I also take classes there regularly). Every class features expert guidance and sound from a set of crystal bowls and/or gong.

If you have been wanting to meditate but have been without guidance, please come visit us at Current and give it a try. The full class schedule is online at

Sound Meditation at Home

Sonoran Sound Singing Bowls vol. 1 is now available for streaming, download or limited edition CD! The album, produced by Liv Singh Khalsa, and released on Invincible Records, provides a lush soundscape of crystal bowl meditations. The rich harmonics of the bowls instantly bring the mind into resonance.

Meditation with

Hamid Jabbar

Hamid regularly offers workshops, trainings, and private lessons to those desiring to experience Sound Meditation or who would like to learn to facilitate sound meditations. Hamid is proficient in a full range of sound meditation instruments used for healing. Regular classes and workshops will be posted on this website.

If you are interested in private lessons or sessions, please feel free to contact.

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