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Hamid Plays 32″ Symphonic Gong for Sound Meditation & Restorative Yoga Class

Learn To Play Gong

The gong is the quintessential overtone emitting instrument, used in sound therapy, sound healing, and sound meditations. Dating back to the bronze age, the gong is also amongst the oldest of the metallic instruments created by man. The wonderful thing about gong and many of the other instruments used in the field of sound is that anyone can learn to play. There is no need for any musical background. Hamid has trained many of the sound practitioners in Phoenix, most of whom had no prior experience playing any instrument. The gong is for everyone and everyone can learn to play. Private lessons focus on understanding the nature of the gong as an instrument and playing techniques for different purposes. Hamid teaches technique, but at its core, playing gong is an energetic exchange between the player, the instrument, and the receiver. Private training will enable students to explore the range of sounds available and the appropriate methods for providing gong in a healing setting such as during a class or private therapy session.

Crystal Bowls & Tibetan Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls, which are made of metal, have been used in meditation for possibly thousands of years. They create a number of sounds and tones. Modern crystal bowls were designed to create more intense vibrations specifically for the purposes of sound meditation, however they do not produce the rich set of overtones of their metal predecessors. Hamid teaches techniques for playing both metal bowls and crystal bowls as well as the use of voice to create harmony and overtones. Before purchasing bowls, it’s also important to understand the differences between types of metal and crystal bowls. With the Internet making available a wide variety of instruments, many poor quality bowls are being marketed as sound meditation instruments to those who are newer to the practice and unfamiliar with the differences in quality. Hamid works with his students to find them appropriate bowls when they are ready to invest in these wonderful instruments.

Hamid playing Native American style flute.

Native American Style Flute & Overtone Flute

Some of the earliest instruments in the world are flutes. Flutes form naturally in nature when insects or other creatures eat holes in stalks of bamboo and other trees. The wind blowing will often create a whistling sound as it passes through these natural formations. Early humans heard the sound of the wind and realized that by creating holes in specific places, the tones of the wind could become more musical. In this way, flutes are the sound of the wind, harnessed in the hands and on the breath. Playing flute is good for both the player and the receiver as the player must develop a strong breathing practice (pranayama). Stephen Porges, the father of Polyvagal Theory, also recommends playing flute for enhancing vagal tone. Both the player and the listener are transported to nature with the sound of flute, where the natural sounds of the wind would be everywhere. In this way, flute is used as a sound meditation instrument to calm the mind and transport the receiver back to the source: our Earth. It embodies both the Earth and Wind elements.

Frame Drum (aka Shamanic Drum)

Nearly every indigenous culture uses the frame drum. It is not unique to the cultures of the Americas, but rather can be found throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The frame is typically played with the hands or a single mallet and does not require extensive musical knowledge or skill. Playing frame drum can transport the player into altered states of awareness, visions, and places of deep learning and healing. It is said that when played, the person playing is transported on the spirit of the animal from which the drum is made. Every part of the drum is drawn from nature and nature is always honored in its playing. The trees that provide the wood and the animals that provide the skin are always brought to mind and intention in playing, remembering that we are all connected. There is no separation. Learning to play the frame drum is both fun and easy. It is an instrument for everyone and can be used in sound meditation, sound therapy, and ceremonial settings. Hamid can help in selecting a drum for those that do not yet own own and drums are provided for lessons and group classes.

Purchasing Instruments

Hamid is an authorized seller of top-quality instruments ranging from gongs, to crystal bowls, to shamanic drums, chimes, shruti boxes, and flutes. He has direct relationships with instrument makers across the globe and works closely with students to obtain the very best instruments for their purposes. For help in buying instruments, please contact Hamid to discuss your needs or visit his online shop at

Yoga Alliance Certification

Hamid is a registered YACEP® (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). For yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance, Hamid’s training qualifies as required continuing education. Although Hamid is not a fan of certificates as any measure of ability, Hamid will provide necessary certifications for those who need to report continuing education to Yoga Alliance.

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