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Arizona Thai Massage

Finding a traditionally trained Arizona Thai Massage practitioner is difficult. Hamid has received hundreds of hours of training in Thailand under the guidance of today’s

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Tok Sen

Hamid has been blessed to study the traditional Northern Thailand art of Tok Sen with Arjan Lee, Pichest’s daughter-in-law. Tok Sen, which uses a mallet

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Thai Massage Training

Studying Thai Massage in ArizonaWith no licensing or regulation of Thai Massage in Arizona many massage therapists and yoga teachers have started to advertise that

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Thai Massage

Hamid practices Traditional Thai Massage in the Northern Style as taught by living master and teacher Ajahn Pichest Boonthume. Sessions are offered in studio or

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Yoga & Ayahuasca

At first blush it may seem as though Yoga and Ayahuasca could not be more different. Most people think of yoga as a series of

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Huachuma (San Pedro)

Huachuma is a cactus native to the highlands of Peru. It has been more commonly referred to as San Pedro since the time the conquistadors

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One of the most powerful medicines in the world is also one of the oldest. Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by the

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Plant Medicines

Long before the pills we in the West call “medicine” were invented, people around the world used plants to heal all manner of disease. Many

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