Closing Out a Serious Week

We are nearing a clearing on what has been a week of challenges. This past weekend was filled with unsettling energy. You may have noticed yourself questioning your relationships or, perhaps, you were lending an ear to a friend questioning their relationships. Relationships are not simply person-to-person. We have relationships with our jobs, our passions, our posssessions, our dreams, and with our purpose. The good news is that this energy pushes us to grow and learn new ways to relate to the world.

As a result of all this reflection, this week turned out to be a serious one. Low energy was everywhere. When we are confronted with challenges in communication and are simultaneously being put in the position of reflecting upon our relationships, it’s no surprise that the hangover effect is one of being weighed down. However, this low prana phase is peaking and one thing that is certain, it cannot last forever. In the next day or two, the energy will shift into a space of openness as we begin to move forward.

As we feel that lifting it will be a good time to act upon that nagging issue that has been on your mind all month. Having reflected, it is time to move! But, be sure to act from a place of wisdom based on all that you have discovered in the last few weeks. Act in a way that moves you closer to your purpose and not away from it.

It is also important to reflect on the ways you communicated during this challenging month. Did you learn something about your communication style or habits that you want to change? It may seem impossible at times to communicate the way that will effectively deliver our message, especially when we are emotional. However, when the fog clears in the next few days, it will be the perfect opening to try something new and challenging that helps you grow.

In the meantime, spend the free moments you have reviewing your journal entries for the prior month and spend some time in silence feeling the emotions and thoughts flow through you. If you are experiencing a negative emotion or thought that just won’t go away, see if you can let go just a little by taking stock of all that you are grateful for–all the things you have, the friends, the amazing aspects of your life. Make a list of these people and things in your journal. The act of writing them down will bring you into a place of love where other emotions simply can’t exist, and this list will also prove useful in the future…

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