Sound Practitioner Training April 2022

Sound Practitioner Training April 2023

Sound Practitioner Training (32-Hour Certification) is returning to Authentic Yoga Scottsdale. This initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner is spread over two weekends and explores the history, theory, spirituality, science and practice of sound while providing hands-on training in playing gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shruti box, flutes, overtone singing, chimes, and more. This will be an intimate training with limited space.


Weekend 1:
Saturday & Sunday, April 22 & 23, 2023 (11am to 7pm)

Weekend 2:
Saturday & Sunday, April 29 & 30, 2023, (11am to 7pm)


Regular: $799
Current AYTT Students: $699
Includes all materials.


Sound Practitioner Training is designed for both teachers and students who would like to begin using sound in public or private settings, or for those who are simply drawn to sound and wish to learn more. Sound Therapy and Sound Meditation (also sometimes called Sound Healing) are a range of practices used to bring about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes using sound. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy and learn to deliver public and private sound sessions. Yoga and meditation teachers will learn how to incorporate sound therapy and guided meditation into their classes.

Participants in this training receive Certification as a Sound Practitioner (Level I). Yoga Alliance teachers receive 32-hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Includes a full color training manual for lifetime reference.

Topics Explored 

  • History & Theory of Sound
  • History of Sound in Yoga and Shamanic lineages
  • Use of Sound in Meditation and Therapy
  • Science of Harmonics and Overtones
  • Importance of Non-Equal Temperament
  • Use of Sound in Working with Chakra
  • Responsible Use of Terminology: Sound Healing, Sound Bath, Gong Bath, Gongmaster, Vibrational Healing, etc.
  • Physical Effects of Sound: Nervous System, Vagal Nerve, Cellular Responses, Brainwaves
  • Use of Sound in Ceremonial Settings
  • Conducting a Sound Classes and Private Sessions


  • Types of Gongs and Uses
  • History of Gong and
    Metallic Overtone Emitting Instruments
  • Energetics of Gong Playing
    Gong Meditation
  • The 39 Gong Strokes
  • Friction Mallets (Flumies)
  • Hand Gong Techniques
  • Caring for the Gong
  • Selecting Gongs

Singing Bowls

  • Types of Bowls: Crystal vs. Metallic
  • Energetics and the Chakra
  • Playing Techniques and Styles
  • Use of Drone
  • Vocalization and Bowls: Toning, Chanting, and
  • Talking Bowls
  • Binaural Playing
  • Selecting and Assembling Bowl Sets

Native American Style Flute

  • History of Flutes
  • How to Play Native American Flute
  • Introduction to Other Flutes: Overtone Flute and Bansuri
  • Playing Flute with Other Instruments and in Pairs


  • Finding Your Voice Even if You Think You Can’t Sing
  • Mindful Singing and Chanting for Meditation
  • Vocal Yoga
  • Overtone Singing
    Singing and Chanting with Shruti Box and Bowls

Shamanic Drumming

  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Use of Frame Drum in Meditation
  • Hand Drum Techniques and Rhythms
  • Playing for Yourself and Others
  • Invoking the Medicine of the Drum
  • Use of Other Percussion Instruments: Shakers, Rattles, Wave/Ocean Drums, Rain Sticks, etc.

And more…

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