Early June Energy Hangover

Here we go, right into an incredible June 2nd full moon! So much has happened for us all in the past four days. The low prana of last week finally broke on Friday and a revitalizing sense of purpose re-emerged this weekend. The world was buzzing with so much positivity, it became contagious. We were finally feeling grounded enough to see our purpose, let go of some of the old ways of thinking, and walk out in the world with a new sense of openness.

This energetic shift was accompanied by shifts in the physical body too. Hips and once painful knees may have started to soften, though aches in the neck, shoulder, and back may have come out of nowhere. Often when we experience the emotional release that leaves us seeing with clarity, we soon after experience the physical symptoms of that release as our bodies try to let go. For some, that feels like an immune response not unlike the common cold. Even if that does not happen, most people experience some sleep issues. Either way, this is what I would call an Energy Hangover.

The cure is to push all that stuff out of your system before it overtakes you, so we must be super self-aware of the signs when they first appear. If it can be detected early, detoxifying physical practices like yoga or hiking in the sun can quickly push the toxins out. Drinking teas containing detoxifying herbs like fennel and dandelion also helps. And my favorite is having a physical massage of the muscles to release any residue. Though these activities may initially lead to a feeling of intensified symptoms, that feeling is only temporary and eventually passes as the old gunk gets flushed from the bodily systems.

So what’s next? We have an incredible full moon June 2nd, so be prepared for even less sleep in the next few days. Don’t fight it–it’s futile to do so. Just make sure you get extra sleep in the nights that follow. If we are not careful now with taking care of our physical bodies, it’s possible to turn this Energy Hangover into something more akin to a cold or infection. If that happens, you will know how to prevent it next time.

Energetically, you may be feeling super positive still despite any bodily symptoms, so use that positivity to move further forward on projects you have started that bring you closer in line with your purpose. Roll up your sleeves and get going. June is a time for action and further refinement. Use this renewed sense of purpose to fuel creative ventures and make new connections now, while the energy is supporting these types of activities.

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