Greatest Mystery

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Greatest Mystery

Some people want to die in their sleep but not me.
I won’t go that easily.
Some talk about killing the pain of their sorrows.
But not me. I want to feel everything.

My joy, my pain, my grief, my ecstasy
It’s all the same. All shades of love.
My body a temple for this life of mine.
In my heart. I know I’m divine.

So kiss me to death till I take my last breath. I want to feel the love inside. Alive
So kiss me to death til I take my last breath. Hold my hand. Don’t let me go alone.

Some people like the concrete streets but not me.
Give me the trees. That sweet mountain breeze.
Up high in the hills where the stars are so blinding,
Is where I will be. Is where I’ll be. Free.

I lay on the Earth and talk to the clouds above,
I feel the warmth. I feel reborn.
The birds call my name. The wind she speaks of rain.
I smell the sky starting to cry.

So spread your wings and come to fly with me,
Way up high. Through the infinite sky. We ride the wind.
And sing with me to the Greatest Mystery.
Our smiles wide. We laugh and cry. Jai Ma!

So kiss me to death til I take my last breath. Hold me close. Don’t let me go alone.
And I’ll kiss you to death till you take your last breath.
Sing it loud. Sing it with love. Jai Ma!
And kiss us to death as we take our last breaths.
We call your name as we fly to your light.

Jai Ma
Jai Ma
Jai Ma
Jai Ma Durga
Jai Ma
Ma Durga
Jai Ma

Words and music (copyright) Hamid Jabbar 2020.

About the song

As the world entered lockdowns and the new concept of social distancing began to permeate the collective conscious, this song was born as an anthem expressing the yearning for deep connection to source and to each other. Inspired in large part by Hamid’s own health challenges and isolation at home during this time, the song expresses a universal truth—we need each other more than ever. It was also a reminder of the simple beauties of being human, consumed at times with a range of emotions, and learning to savor each experience whether joyful or painful. 

Invincible Recording Catalog:

As the song culminates in the chant of Jai Ma Durga, invoking the Divine Mother, it becomes a chorus to George Floyd’s cries to his mother as he was being suffocated by police, and an acknowledgement of our collective suffocation. The Greatest Mystery is that which we cannot put into words, but which we all feel, especially in the most trying of times.


released September 7, 2021 

Vocals, Guitar and Percussion: Hamid Jabbar. Additional vocals: Porter Singer. Produced, Recorded and Mixed: Liv Singh Khalsa aka Quantum Dream at Invincible Recording Studio.

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