Intense Dreams and the Solstice

If you have been having intense dreams the past several days, you are not alone. We are at the beginning of an intense energetic shift that is preceded by the new moon on Tuesday, June 16th and culminates with the Summer Solstice on June 21st. Many people are affected by these types of cosmic events and, even if you don’t believe in astrology, you too are affected.

The process by which we are affected by the energies around us is called entrainment and it’s very simple. Here is an example, when we walk through a city full of loud construction sounds, honking car horns, and other discordant noises, our heart beat goes up along with our blood pressure and our body releases hormones like adrenaline. This bodily response is instinctual and beyond our control, a vestigial feature of our time living on the savanna where these types of sounds signaled imminent death by a lion or other predator. As a result, our bodies prepare us to fight for our lives or run as fast as we can. Hence why so many cities are lined with bars where we can briefly obtain relief in the form of a drink from the chaotic energy around us. The bigger the city, the more places to drink there are and it’s no coincidence. As humans, we don’t like the way it feels to be surrounded by chaos, but many people cope and tell themselves they enjoy it.

On the flip side, when we enter a spa or spend time out in nature where there are no human sounds, our body responds by turning on the body’s relaxation systems. No longer do we crave a drink in a crowded bar to calm down. Instead, the simple peace of staring at the sky or breathing fresh air is enough. Just as the chaotic external environment caused us to feel anxious (many people confuse this anxiety with excitement, but it’s the same) the calm external environment helps us calm down and rest.

Cosmically speaking, we are somewhere on the highway between a big city and the lush countryside. In other words, it’s still a little chaotic out there. The good news is that we are driving away from the city and will be in nature soon. The bad news is that we are still passing through a construction zone. And this brings us back to the new moon and the Summer Solstice. Even if you are not directly affected by these cosmic events (even though I believe we all are) you certainly will be affected by those people around you and our general societal vibrations. A friend once joked with me that I was somehow psychic for knowing how everyone’s energy was and I assured her I’m not—I’m merely more sensitive and in tune than others. I’m the proverbial canary in the coal mine, which is not always a good thing. Many times I would prefer to not feel so deeply.

So when others around you who are sensitive like me start to feel the chaos, their energy will affect you. We cannot help being affected by those around us. When two people are sitting next to each other, without even speaking, after ten minutes their heartbeats will be in synch. This has been tested many times and you know it’s true because you have experienced one of the following: (1) You are with a person and can feel that they are angry or upset even though they are telling you they are not–your body simply knows and you feel it, many times becoming upset yourself; or (2) You are with a person who is so calm that you start to feel super relaxed in their presence. It does not matter what they say, you are at ease. Again, your body simply knows.

Now, to tie it all together, your dreams have been intense because we are all vibrating on a very high level now. As the new moon passes, we are all experiencing the changing season from Spring to Summer. Our bodies are trying to adjust and our mindsets are also grasping to find our way back to our path that felt so clear a few weeks ago. Dreams are merely a signal of this inner movement and can be powerful. A lot of dreams during this time are vivid and mix people or situations from your past with seemingly implausible plot lines. These types of dreams can leave you feeling emotional throughout your day even though you don’t remember the dreams. Thus, I suggest writing down your dreams first thing in the morning (or if you wake up during the night) so that you don’t forget them. If you find yourself in a weird mood in the morning, look at your dream book and see if there was something upsetting. Usually there was something there and this offers powerful insight into issues in your life you still need to work through.

These dreams also signal the external discord going on right now. But not to worry, it will soon pass. In the meantime, breath deeply and try to limit external stimuli for the next few days. Avoid loud music and find some quiet spaces to sit and reflect on the many aspects of your life you are grateful for. The great part of about this energy is that if you use it, you can have fantastic insights.

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