Preserving Prana During These Intense Energetic Times

On Monday I wrote that we were riding a wave of energy but cautioned that we should not overextend ourselves and remember to stay grounded. If you headed my advice then you are enjoying a little bit of calm. However, we are now in the midst of some intense energy surrounding our families of origin. It’s a time that can be challenging because those we love the most also challenge us the most and right now the familial prana is pulsing at a rapid rate.

For many that means lots of joyous family time and reconnection with those we love most. But, if you have unresolved feelings or things left unsaid to your loved ones, it can be a frustrating time. Family often puts us into our old roles whether or not those roles fit us anymore. It’s difficult to honor the changes that occur in loved ones so if you want your family to be open to changes in your life, you have to be open to the possibility of change in theirs, even if that change still remains just a possibility.

On the bright side, we will emerge from this time with new connections and understandings. The challenge is to listen without reacting and pause to appreciate those loved ones in our lives. When we hold our loved ones in our hearts with openness, we honor the wisdom of the heart. Take this time to listen and, if you are feeling courageous, start to communicate from a place of love all those things that remain unresolved.

Because communication can be misinterpreted during this time of intense planetary motion, it is important to always speak from a place of love and of wanting what is best for the other person. If during the pause you realize that your motives for wanting to educate your family or other loved ones arise from a desire for them to behave as you want them to behave, then it may be best not to say anything at all. Wanting to change others to make our lives feel better is a signal that we have internal work to do that we should not be projecting on those we care about.

Did anyone notice phone calls, emails, or other communications from those in the past that you had long thought were out of your life? I certainly have. This is what I wrote about Monday and is just part of the time we are in.

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