Mid-May Mirror


The first two weeks of May were intense! All around me I sensed loss and strife. Friends were losing loved ones, relationships were being challenged, and long-held beliefs were being smashed. In the midst of it I counseled that during this time we should avoid split-second reactions to avoid the unpleasant and sit with our feelings.

If March heralded the start of relationship building, May brought forth a mirror into which we had to look deeply into the nature of love. Does this sound crazy? Looking at yourself in a mirror and mistaking your reflection for someone else. That sounds silly, but it’s exactly what we do. When a relationship or situation brings up that feeling of frustration or anger we think its the other person or situation when in fact we are really just looking at ourselves. Running from your self is of little use because your reflection will always catch up with you. You will encounter another mirror wherever you go.

Now that we have entered the May 18th clearing, the clouds are starting to lift and the massive amounts of energy we start to feel today will carry forward this week. The danger is not to over stimulate the already vibrant energy, which can lead to a crash or burn out. Even though the energy is high, take time to ground yourself. Get your bare feet in the dirt or on the earth if possible and be still for  moment.

This time also brings about more sensitivity towards the past. Images of prior relationships and feelings you thought were long gone start to pop up through the day. Use these feelings. They are shards of that mirror you thought you have long escaped and are there to remind you to get comfortable looking at your reactions. If the past manifests, it’s often a sign that the other person is reacting to this energy without awareness. With your awareness you can have the insight to know how to act–not react. The past can teach us about ourselves but we must move forward.


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