What Sound Looks Like

Ever wonder what sound waves look like? With our naked eyes we cannot see the waves of sound moving through the air for a few reasons. First, sound travels at 1,126 ft/s or 761 mph. Second, the air itself that sound is moving through is invisible to our eyes.

Using a technique called Schlieren Flow Visualization, we are now able to see actual sound waves move through air. These are not graphic depictions or digital representations; They are actual waves moving through space. Ready to have a look?

This video contains a nice explanation of Schlieren Flow Visualization and some high speed videos of actual sound waves.

What Does Sound Look Like? from NPR on Vimeo.

Why Sound Healing Works?

With this technology enabling us to see sound, it’s easier to appreciate that sound waves traveling through air actually impact and vibrate our bodies. Every cell in our body is vibrated by the sounds received during a sound healing session. This is why I often call sound healing a form of massage. It’s like receiving a massage from the atmosphere around you that also soothes the nervous system.

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