What is a Pranascope™

Global Life Force Energy

Energy is everywhere–inside of us, outside, pulsing in waves and bursts throughout the entire universe. We are powered by energy and deeply affected by its changes at the same time. As long as I can remember, I have been sensitive to the energy of others and what I perceive as a collective energy around us. As a self-proclaimed skeptic and student of the scientific method in my 20s I found it difficult to reconcile my gut feelings with my perceived “knowledge” that told me humans do not have a sixth sense. It all seemed so strange to me that I could sense that the world was entering phases of happiness, strife, growth, etc. but I could not explain in logical terms how I knew it.

The truth was, I had no idea what was going on, but my whole being could feel energy shifts and it started to happen with more regularity. When I was around 25 years old I began meditating. Slowly I started to crave the quiet times of reflection and shun the noise and energy of the world becoming more and more sensitive over time. Eventually, my entire existence became a meditation as a I went deep into myself for a few years. Forget television–that had long been abandoned, as well as reading the news. In my deepest phases of introspection, I could no longer even handle music while driving or even reading a book. I simply wanted the peace and floating feeling of resting in my own mind.

From this place of inner awareness, my gut feelings became more noticeable and intuition astounding. I found myself in conversation knowing what the person was going to say (or even thinking they had said something they were only thinking–later to be confirmed). My decisions in life became easy and precise–I knew exactly when to act and how when in came to financial matters. My creativity skyrocketed and business ideas poured out of me. It was from that place of stillness and awareness that I moved towards my inner calling of being a teacher and guide. Indeed, it was not me acting at all. I came to realize that I was simply going with the flow of energy and not acting from my head.

What I experience on a daily basis in terms of intuition and sensitivity is beyond the reach of those who live busy lives, filled with obligation and obligation, stressor after stressor, and distraction after distraction. One cannot feel the subtleness of the energy in the world when other vibrations over power. Hence, my goal with the Pranascope is simply to provide a peak into where I see the world’s energy at a given moment. I don’t rely on astrology or other typical methods, though I have noticed that when I am feeling certain shifts, there is often a corresponding astrological event. Others already provide global energy forecasts, and I have and continue to read these. Usually, I agree but often I don’t. As a basic premise, I don’t believe forecasts to be accurate so I don’t intend to give forecasts. When the meteorologist predicts a 30% chance of rain and it causes you to change your whole routine, we often overlook the fact that such a forecast really is saying there is a 70% chance of no rain. The same appears true for the popular energy forecasts. Read them for what they are–good guesses made in advance. I prefer to just walk outside and look at the sky.

Prana is the life force energy and scope is merely a look into it. I call my reports Pranascope™ for simplicity–a look at prana.

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