Love of the Eternal Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote about how we often get distracted by the changing aspects of those we love–their physical appearance, their changing beliefs, their weight, etc. If you missed that post, you can find it here. Those aspects I called prakriti because in yoga philosophy they are changing and impermanent. That is, these physical manifestations are merely the tangible incarnations of the Self (or Soul). True deep love is of the eternal and unchanging part of a person–their Soul and that love is eternal.

In other words, I suggested that to truly love from the heart is to love the eternal part of a person. In yoga this part can be thought of as purusha because it is unchanging and eternal, lasting from lifetime to lifetime, through every physical manifestation. A video has been making the rounds that demonstrates just how powerful this type of love can be. In the video artist Marina Abramović sits face-to-face for one minute with her former lover Ulay, who she had not seen in 30-years. No words are even necessary to feel the power of their connection, which survived through the many changes.

Right now, there is a nice calm energy flowing through the world and this calmness can make us more sensitive and in tune with our heart space. During times of chaotic energy, watching a video like this may not bring tears to your eyes because such energy causes us to close off and feel separate from others and the world. But now, everything is aligned and you may be able to really feel the emotion flowing.

Ultimately, however, the message in this video and in my prior post is the same–open your heart and feel whatever is there even if it is painful. Even love that seems long over may still be in your heart and that is not a bad thing–it simply means you have loved deeply past all of the changing aspects of life. You may want to have a tissue handy…


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