Riding a Wave or Crashing

The intense energy that led us into Tuesday’s spectacular full moon may have had one of two effects depending on how you prepared and reacted to it–you could have ridden that wave into the end of the week feeling empowered and ready to make significant steps outside your comfort zone, or you may be feeling as though the wave crashed over you and pulled you under. Often after periods of intense energy if we have not conserved or channeled that energy into ourselves, we are left feeling drained or empty. That is 100% avoidable in the future. The advice I wrote about earlier this week on pushing things through your system with a massage or reconnecting with your yoga practice, is based on my many failed attempts at riding the wave and figuring out what works. If you did what I recommended (and I did) then you are feeling wonderful today!

The good news is that the next week appears to be a time for even more abundant pranic energy. The prana will be flowing freely and we all be vibrating a little easier. During such times, our energy and the energy flowing around us may seem invisible. It may even seem like an uneventful period of pranic activity given how smooth it is. But, we all know better. This apparent calm is not to be confused with a lack of positive energy, but rather, it’s a lack of awareness in us.

Here is an example. When you are healthy and going throughout your days free of sneezes and coughs, how often do you stop and notice how wonderful it is simply to be healthy and free of the common cold? Do you wake up every day and say “I’m so grateful I don’t have the cold right now.” Perhaps never– or not often enough! However, all it takes is a few days with the common cold before you are craving simply being healthy again. It’s the same with energy. When it’s flowing in a healthy manner, we often don’t notice because it is not bothering us, but when it’s bad we certainly notice. Even though the energy is flowing smoothly now and will likely stay this way for the next week if all goes well, don’t assume that this will last forever. Energy always shifts so take a moment and appreciate the calm after the storm. Be in the moment and feel a sense of contentment.

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