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I never thought that I would actually be playing music for a living, but life has a way of surprising you. As a lifelong musician, playing music was my ticket to college as it provided a hefty scholarship. But after earning my Bachelor of Music, I never thought I would become a working musician. Instead I went to law school and focused my attention on music and copyright law. But, nearly 20 years later, here I am teaching yoga and offering several classes per week of sound healing, where I play a number of instruments to help my students tune into their bodies. I now offer two classes per week of pure sound healing.


Friday Night Sound Bath at The Blissful Body

Every Friday night (5:30 – 6:30 pm) at The Blissful Body, I am offering a Sound Bath, which is 45 minutes of sound healing in a group setting. During the class, students find comfortable positions either laying or sitting, supporting their bodies with lots of blankets and bolsters. During the class I move between crystal bowls, chanting mantra, two symphonic gongs, and Native American style flute. The vibrations allow students to melt into a state a deep relaxation and leave the class feeling relaxed and restored.

Students with memberships at Urban Yoga can use their memberships at The Blissful Body. Otherwise, all manner of memberships, packages, and single class drop-ins are available. Find out more by contacting The Blissful Body.


Saturday Restorative & Sound Healing at Urban Yoga

Every Saturday afternoon (4:00 – 5:15 pm) at Urban Yoga, I lead a restorative yoga and sound healing class. The classes uses a mix of restorative postures, with live sound throughout. Similar to the Friday night Sound Bath, the aim is deep relaxation. However, use of simple postures also allows the release of tension in key areas of the body–the hips, low back, and heart. Contact Urban Yoga for more information.


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